SPSD - Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment
South Portland School Department, to define its foundational, core curriculum, has adopted a set of concise statements about the knowledge and skills that are the minimum and most essential learning for all students to be successful after high school.  These targets are referred to as the Essential Learning Targets (ELTs), and they represent a complete and comprehensive body of learning that achieves the ultimate learning expected in the Common Core State Standards and the Maine Learning Results.  

The Essential Learning Targets represents only the minimum learning that SPSD wants for all students.  Therefore instruction is focused on providing rich, full, innovative  learning opportunities so students can reach their full potential and explore their interests.  The ELTs are meant to provide definitive checkpoints for teaching and learning so teachers can make informed decision on their instructional units and to track student progress. 

The ELTs allow us to pace/align special education instruction with regular education instruction.  These targets are the backbone, if you will, in the SPSD Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment Cycle,  The ELTs provide us common learnings on which to focus our discussions about formative assessment, integrated units, and RTI.    For additional information about Essential Learning Targets (ELTs),click here.

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