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Proficiency-based Learning 
Proficiency-based Learning is embraced in the the South Portland School Department because of the following beliefs:
  • Students should have concrete and transparent learning targets with multiple opportunities to show their proficiency.
  • Students' scores should be based exclusively on understanding and not impacted positively or negatively by a student's Habits of Work; however, both are equally important for ensuring student success.
  • In order to provide more accurate and meaningful feedback, student learning is measured over time as opposed to an isolated point in time.

Resources and Literature
Proficiency-based learning in SPSD:
PbL Implmentation Plan 2016-17, click here.
Overview of SPSD's system, click here.
Glossary of Terms, click here.
Faculty Grading Guide 2016-17, click here.

SPSD Proficiency-based learning in Maine:
Maine DOE Resources, click here.

Access FAQs about proficiency-based learning on the Maine DOE website, click here. 

Click here to see stats regarding the continuum of readiness of implementation in Maine high school as of December 2014.  

To learn more about the requirement for extensions to the 2018 deadline, click here.

Transcripts in a Proficiency-based learning system:
Links to learn about transcripts,click here.
Other resources for Proficiency-based learning:
Great Schools Partnership, click here.
Leadership In Action, click here.
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Suggested Articles:

Notable examples for proficiency-based models include:  

US - State level efforts, click here.  

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