SPSD - Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment
Proficiency-based Learning Steering Committee
The Board of Education created the Proficiency-based Learning Steering Committee in the fall of 2013 with the explicit purpose of researching, seeking input, and making recommendations regarding the significant questions that accompany a move to a proficiency-based learning system.

The stated purpose of the committee is to broaden the K-12 plan and facilitate the implementation of the plan including Board and Community outreach. 
Committee Goals 2016-17, click here.
Minutes and Summaries

Policies & Documents
Fall 2016 Newsletter, click here.
JI Honors and Recognition, click here.
IKF Graduation Policy, click here.
IGDJ-R Co-Curricular Eligibility, click here.

Sample Transcript, click here.
Sample School Profile, click here.
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